IDEMC, the Next Generation Global Monitoring System

The primary purpose of the International Disaster and Emergency Monitoring Center (IDEMC) is to detect, analyze, and publish natural and man-made hazards and disasters on a variety of platforms and interfaces using the Open Source Intelligence Method (OSINT). Access to the processed data and certain services is provided free of charge to Non-Profit (rescue teams and humanitarian organizations) and international organizations (UN and its member organizations).

Map and text overviews are also free for web visitors, but we publish the data with a significant delay, and we do not provide access to certain data and services. Services and data are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are not responsible for web services or services based on the data contained therein, which are not part of the IDEMC system.

Address (HQ)

Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan

Mobile phone

+36 (70) 646-4306