Event Report

Base data

Event code FR-FOR/03804/ISR
Main category Fire
Sub category forest fire
Event date (UTC) Mon, 10 May 2021 22:29:06 +0000
Last update (UTC) Mon, 10 May 2021 22:29:06 +0000


Continent Middle-East
Country Israel
Administration area Jerusalem District
Settlement Jerusalem
Exact location Temple Mount
Open Location Code: 8G3QQ6HM+6F
Size of affected area County-level
Additional events None or not detected.

Common Alerting Protocol Information

Urgency Past
Certainty Observed
Severity Extreme
Category Fire

Event details

Fire erupted on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in the Old City, adjacent to the Western Wall. The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement the flames were the result of live fireworks that were launched inside the Temple Mount Compound. “This irresponsible and outrageous behavior has set a tree on fire, close to the Western Wall,” said Ofir Gendelman, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “AS it always did, today Hamas fired rockets at Israeli cities and towns, including at Jerusalem, from within heavily populated neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip,” Gendelman said. “This is a double war crime: Hamas fired at civilians while hiding behind civilians.”
Authentic source : Information from trusted source (newspapers, emails, websites).

Situation update


Number of dead: 0 person(s)
Number of injured: 0 person(s)
Number of Affected: 0 person(s)
Number of Rescued/evacuated: 0 person(s)
Number of Missing: 0 person(s)
Number of Infected: 0 person(s)

Event Specific Details

[Fire - forest fire]

Overview map

Risk Analisys

Nearest marine ports There is no known marine port nearby.
Nearest airports Tel Nof Air Base (39.51 km), Ben Gurion International Airport (41.79 km)
Nearest nuclear power plant There is no known nuclear power plant nearby.

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