International Disaster and Emergency Monitoring Center

Preliminary earthquake data and analysis

Earthquake Report
Base data
Event ID 452592
Event time 2021-05-12 08:45:48 (UTC)
Local time 2021-05-12 14:45:48 - [It was afternoon in the affected area.]
Last update 2021-05-12 09:10:42 (UTC)
Magnitude 5.9
Depth 45.95 km
Class Moderate
Hypocenter Shallow depth
Mercalli scale 6
Possible effects Everyone feels movement. People have trouble walking. Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall off walls. Furniture moves. Plaster in walls might crack. Trees and bushes shake. Damage is slight in poorly built buildings. No structural damage.
Data status reviewed
Data provider USGS - Earthquake Alert

Continent Central-America
Country El Salvador
Administration area
Nearest settlement La Playa
Distance 45 km
Course SSW
Surface type underwater quake
Tsunami region North Pacific
Water surface name North Pacific Ocean

Risk Analisys
Nearest nuclear power plants
There is no known nuclear power plant nearby.
Nearest marine ports
Acajutla Offshore Terminal (46.51 km), Acajutla (49.44 km), Puerto Quetzal (91.04 km)
Nearest airports
San José Airport (95.30 km), Ilopango International Airport (124.78 km), Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (125.49 km), La Aurora Airport (143.29 km)
Nearest volcanoes
Apaneca Range volcano (77.26 km), Moyuta volcano (78.54 km), Izalco volcano (82.20 km), Santa Ana volcano (85.40 km), Ixhuatan volcano (92.55 km), Coatepeque Caldera volcano (93.14 km), Tecuamburro volcano (94.06 km), Pueblo Nuevo Vi?as volcano (101.53 km), Singuil, Cerro volcano (101.81 km), Chingo volcano (101.84 km), Piedra Grande volcano (104.12 km), San Salvador volcano (108.69 km), Flores volcano (111.07 km), Jumaytepeque volcano (112.29 km), Cuilapa-Barbarena volcano (112.86 km), Santiago, Cerro volcano (116.91 km), Tablas, Cerro las volcano (120.00 km), Ayarza volcano (121.38 km), Redondo, Cerro volcano (122.25 km), Pacaya volcano (124.15 km), Tahual volcano (126.62 km), Suchitan volcano (127.53 km), Cinotepeque, Cerro volcano (128.92 km), Masahuat Volcanic Field volcano (130.30 km), Ilopango volcano (130.73 km), San Diego volcano (130.77 km), Guazapa volcano (133.70 km), Ixtepeque volcano (133.85 km), Agua volcano (138.49 km), Limones Volcanic Field, Los volcano (141.42 km), Guistepeque Volcanic Field volcano (145.29 km), Fuego volcano (146.02 km), Alutate, Cerro volcano (146.41 km), Acatenango volcano (148.53 km), Barahona volcano (148.74 km), Ipala volcano (149.23 km)
Quick Analysis
According to the epicenter of the quake, this is an underwater quake. Based on the hypocenter, an underwater landslide is conceivable and could trigger a tsunami. Based on the data received, using the depth of the hypocenter, a potential tsunami will reach the nearest (La Playa, , El Salvador) settlement within 00:34. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY!)